Robert Atyeo is a Toronto born artist who resides in Vancouver. 

While he has been creating art for most of his life, he began to throw paint more than 20 years ago and continues to this day. 

Working with bold acrylic colour, he drags, drips, throws, and spills paint onto canvas and wood panels, leaving behind landscapes of tangled forests, rivers and sky. 

His abstract landscapes have been influenced most notably by the paintings of Jackson Pollock, The Group of Seven and Gordon Smith. 

His appreciation of the natural world in all of it’s beauty and chaos can be seen throughout his work. 

Ever a creative soul, Robert has also enjoyed a successful career as a recording artist and singer songwriter. 

Robert’s paintings have been exhibited in Ontario at Gallery Q, The Acme Gallery, The Canadian Canoe Museum and the The Christiansen Gallery, in Quebec at Arts Sutton and The Knowlton Gallery and in Vancouver at the Gallery George the Jericho Arts Centre and The Dogwood Pavillion. 

His paintings hang in homes from coast to coast across Canada and the USA.




(705) 927-7008